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What you can get from geochemical analysis of crude oil:
  • Organic facies of source rock (Genetic type and petroleum system)
    • marine, lacustrine, or terrigenous organic matter
    • anoxic or suboxic depositional environment
    • carbonate or shale lithology
  • Age of source rock
    • Tertiary, Mesozoic, Ordovician, etc.

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  • Maturity at time of expulsion
    • should relate to kinetics of source rock kerogen
  • Single or multiple source rocks
    • two or more genetic types
    • two or more expulsion maturities
    • two or more altered types
  • Alteration effects
    • biodegradation
    • water washing
    • gas stripping
    • thermal
  • Data for oil-rock correlation, oil-oil correlation, and oil-condensate correlation
  • Techniques most often used:
    • Whole oil gas chromatography (gc) (C2 - C45)
    • High resolution C7 gc
    • Liquid chromatography (saturates, aromatics, NSO's, asphaltenes)
    • Saturate and aromatic Biomarkers (gc/ms)
    • Saturate and aromatic carbon isotopes
  • Supporting techniques:
    • Aromatic gc
    • Ni and V content
    • Sulfur isotopes
    • Physical properties (API gravity, pourpoint, etc.)
    • Saturate gc/ms/ms
    • Compound specific isotopes (gc/IRMS)
    • High temperature gc (C20 - C60)
    • Pyrolysis gc of asphaltenes
    Oils and condensates can also be analyzed with special high resolution gc for reservoir studies.
  • Aldara 5%


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