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We are a Company located in The Woodlands, Texas dedicated to providing the best quality geochemical data available. Our professional staff has the expertise and industry experience to give our clients a comphrehensive, cost effective analytical laboratory service. We also provide data management and software visualization capabilities. Our custom designed software provides laboratory data management solutions meeting the needs of the laboratory technician, the laboratory manager, the data base administrator, and the end user of the data. We also provide historical data normalization, conversion, input stand-alone and web enabled solutions for your internet and intranet.

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BASELINE DGSI is associated with several other companies and consultants and in this way, can provide a wider range of services to our clients. Coastal Sciences, for example, does most of our isotope work. Rich Wharton of TerraView, Inc. does some of our modeling, marketing, and computer programming. Sharing expertise in this way enables us to provide more comprehensive services than if we tried to do everything ourselves.

BASELINE DGSI has established representation agreements with local companies in Egypt, Japan, Trinidad, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and the United Kingdom. Our clients may contract work through our agents and use them for sample shipment and billing purposes. In some cases, a portion of the analytical work can be done in Baseline DGSI joint venture laboratories such as the new lab in Brazil .

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