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Baseline's New Analytical Process

Removal of Olefin Based Drilling Fluid Contaminates from Geologic Materials for SAR Analyses

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the use of hydrocarbon based mud systems. These drilling muds provide a source of immense contamination and interference with normal geochemical characterization.......MORE



Introducing Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry

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Baseline DGSI is proud to announce the introduction of its new isotope ratio mass spectrometry service. Current in-house capability offers stable carbon isotope measurements on bulk petroleum samples including saturate, aromatic, resin and asphaltene fractions, whole oils, extracts and other petroleum derived samples. Future capabilities will include compound specific IRMS of hydrocarbon oils and gases.







New Integrated Geochemical Study
Petroleum Systems of Southern Trinidad

GEOCHEMICAL SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (GSI) and BASELINE/DGSI INC. are undertaking a non-exclusive, multi-client study of the petroleum systems of southern Trinidad , including the Gulf of Paria . The sedimentary sub-basins encompassed in this region include the onshore Southern Basin, the Caroni Basin and the Central Range Area. Nearly 1.5 billion barrels have been produced from this mature petroleum province, primarily from Pliocene and Miocene sandstone reservoirs. These large volumes were generated from prolific Upper Cretaceous source rocks that occur throughout much of South America.

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Integrated Geochemical Study
Columbus Basin - Trinidad

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GEOCHEMICAL SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (GSI) together with BASELINE/DGSI INC. is proposing an integrated geochemical study of the Columbus Basin. Over 300 oils and condensates from all the major fields will be analyzed using state-of-the-art techniques to evaluate:

  • Source facies
  • Thermal maturity
  • Degree of alteration (biodegradation; migration/ fractionation; mixing)
  • Reservoir fluid homogeneity (reservoir continuity/ compartmentalization

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