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We specialize in laboratory data management solutions which meet the needs of the laboratory technician, the laboratory manager, the database administrator, and the end user of the data

  LADS - Complete geochemical information management system.
  GWIS - Securely access geochemical information on the web.
  Jobs Program - Track your projects.






With our software development company Infologic, we provide products such as the LADS (Laboratory Automation Data System). It is a full-featured, customizable geochemical information management system that creates data flow between laboratories and end-users of analytical data. LADS has the capability to log-in samples, schedule and track analytical requests, and process and transfer analytical data to a central database. The database can accommodate both processed data (peak areas or compound concentrations) as well as images (GC, GC-MS chromatograms). Users access the database from networked PCs in order to view and print custom reports for different analyses.

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LADS consists of a core database on a personal computer (PC) running Windows NT and several support programs that facilitate data input and manipulation: Laboratory Core Set (software utilities necessary to log-in samples, track analysis requests, and transfer data to a central database), Laboratory Toolbox (GC/MS ChemStation® processing macros) and Visualization Toolbox (PeakView, ChromView and PeakView Montage programs).

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LADS' modular design permits additions or improvements in functionality without compromising the entire system. This facilitates expansion and adaptation to changes in today's enterprise-wide computing systems. A LADS solution can be developed based on the specific needs of the customer.


A complete GWIS system consists of a database which can accommodate detailed geochemical information, and easy to use front-end query, visualization, and reporting tools.
Authorized users can access their company's database from anywhere in the world, via a pc using Netscape or IE 4.0 or higher.

Users browse the database to search for desired samples. Searches can be done based on available criteria, including known sample numbers, site/location information, or any geochemical parameter (e.g., find all sample with TOC > 2.5%).

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Let the Jobs Program Organize
Your Laboratory Business
Aldara 5%

Infologic has created a system that can track a project's progress from the minute it enters the laboratory door until its completion. Lab Managers/Personnel can use the Jobs Program to manage job priorities, from a high level perspective down to analytical requests on individual samples. Clients waiting on results can view job status details via a secure internet connection.

The Jobs Program displays details of entire projects, past and present:


  • Shows real-time status of analytical jobs to both lab personnel and end- user clients, including job priorities, progress on entire jobs or individual samples, requested analyses, analyses due dates, and completion status.

  • Keeps track of customized procedures and client requests.

  • Allows lab personnel to view/edit pricing structures and automatically bill customers, either by entire job or individual samples as analyses are completed.

  • Has a built in feature that reminds lab personnel to transmit results to
    the client.


  • Has a user-friendly front-end and easy program access. Jobs may be viewed in the lab or via the Internet. Users can search by Client ID, Lab Coordinator ID, or project number.

  • Allows lab personnel to add internal and external notes, where external notes may be viewed by the client via a secure web page.

  • Keeps track of how data were sent to the client, in what form (email/hard copy), and when.

  • Makes customers aware of any additional charges via a color-coded system.


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